The Zadig Trio plays Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich

Russian Impressions

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Trio Zadig
Boris Borgolotto — Violinist
Marc Girard Garcia — Cellist
Ian Barber — Pianist

Program notes

The ravages of war, by their nature, leave deep scars on the terrain of collective memory. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Russia suffered greatly in wartime, from the Napoleonic invasions to the multiple revolutions and the two World Wars... These two piano trios by Tchaikovsky (Op. 50 in A Minor) and Shostakovich (Op. 67 in E Minor) are echos of collective Russian trauma, and also of personal loss: Tchaikovsky's is dedicated to his dear friend and mentor Nikolai Rubinstein, a victim of tuberculosis; and Shostakovich's to polymath Ivan Sollertinsky, his best friend of nearly two decades who died suddenly at age 41.

The Zadig Trio brings great sensitivity and depth to this all-Russian program in Toulouse, France, birthplace of two of the three members. This concert is the fruit of their many travels around the world playing concerts and master classes, developing and refining the passion and artistry that make this elegiac program so unforgettable.

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Venue: Saint-Pierre des Cuisines Auditorium (Toulouse, France)
Production date: 2017
Recording date: 2017
Duration: 1 h 24 min
Production: © Les Films Figures Libres - ViàOccitanie
Resolution: Full HD