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Fez, Dialogues of Civilisations

Festival des musiques sacrées du monde

Fez, Dialogues of Civilisations Festival des musiques sacrées du monde


The ancient city of Fez (Morocco), founded in the 9th century by Moulay Idriss, has for centuries been an important centre of learning, intellectual life and spirituality, where Muslims, Jews and Christians have lived together in peace and harmony. One need only think of three representative residents of the city: Maimonides, Ibn Arabi and Gerbert of Aurillac, later Pope Sylvester II. A city of tradition which has kept intact and alive the rhythm of the past in the streets and houses of its Medina, protected from the ravages of time.

Over the last several years, the Festival of World Sacred Music has restored the lustre to this seminal city were the great traditions of Sacred Music come together. In the year 2000, he sixth edition of this festival was entitled Dialogues of Civilisations and offered superb musical events in which dialogue between these traditions was the basis of a true human and cultural encounter.


  • Production date: 2000
  • Duration: 26 min
  • Production: © MCM Classique Jazz-Muzzic Jigsaw Company & 2M
  • Available version(s): EN


  • Jacques Attali
  • Gérard Kurdjian
  • Faouzi Skali
  • Angélique Ionatos
  • Rabbin Haim Look
  • Orchestre arabo-andalou de Mohamed Briouel
  • Aruna Sairam
  • Dominique Vellard
  • Ensemble Organum
  • Ensemble El Assala
  • Marcel Perès
  • Rizwan et Muazzam Mujahid Ali Khan
  • Derviches Qâderi de Kurdistan
  • Houria Aïchi
  • Karoline Zaidline
  • Wilhelmenia Fernandez
  • Karima Skalli
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