Claudio Abbado conducts Bach's Brandenburg Concertos

Orchestra Mozart

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Victor Aviat — Oboist
Lucas Macías Navarro — Oboist
Guido Gualandi — Oboist
Giuliano Carmignola — Violino piccolo
Giuliano Carmignola — Violinist
Raphael Christ — Violinist
Lorenza Borrani — Violinist
Danusha Waskiewicz — Violist
Simone Jandl — Violist
Behrang Rassekhi — Violist
Mario Brunello — Cellist
Enrico Bronzi — Cellist
Benoît Grenet — Cellist
Jacques Zoon — Flutist
Giuliano Carmignola — Violinist
Ottavio Dantone — Harpsichordist

Program notes

Now considered to be among the finest examples of Baroque orchestration, the Brandenburg Concertos were nearly lost forever. Their 1721 dedicatee, Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg, likely did not have sufficient numbers to perform Bach’s remarkably innovative score, which sat unused and forgotten until music theorist Siegfried Dehn rediscovered it in the archives over a century later. How fortunate Dehn’s find was, for without it we may never have heard these marvels of texture and virtuosity, unprecedented in the variety of solo combinations and the originality of ideas.

In this 2007 film, experience all six of the Baroque gems with a world-class chamber orchestra under the leadership of one of the greatest conductors of all time: the inimitable Claudio Abbado and the Orchestra Mozart make this a Brandenburg for the ages, stately and spirited and impeccably rendered.

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Directed by:
Andreas Morell
Venue: Teatro Municipale Valli (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Production date: 2007
Recording date: 2007
Duration: 1 h 39 min
Production: © EuroArts Music International