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concert Evgeny Kissin plays Chopin Verbier Festival 2009

Verbier Festival 2009

Evgeny Kissin plays Chopin Verbier Festival 2009


Experience Evgeny Kissin in performance: a virtuoso, musical genius, and specialist in Chopin’s music.

More than any other pianists on the contemporary classical music scene, Kissin has a special association with Chopin. Joined by the Verbier Festival Orchestra and its musical director Charles Dutoit, he performs the beloved French-Polish composer’s Piano Concerto No. 2, a jewel of the Romantic repertoire.

Kissin follows the concerto with a performance of selected Études for solo piano from the Chopin’s Op. 10 and Op. 25. Acclaimed for his musicality and rich color palette, the pianist delivers here a stunning performance that was met with 15 straight minutes of standing ovation.


  • Frederic Chopin, Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor, Op. 21
    • 1. Maestoso
    • 2. Larghetto
    • 3. Allegro vivace
  • Frederic Chopin, Études, Op. 10
    • No. 1 in C Major
    • No. 2 in A Minor
    • No. 3 in E Major
    • No. 4 in C-sharp Minor
    • No. 12 in C Minor
  • Frederic Chopin, Études, Op. 25
    • No. 5 in E Minor
    • No. 6 in G-sharp Minor
    • No. 11 in A Minor


  • Directed by:
    • Sébastien Glas
    • François-René Martin
  • Production date: 2009
  • Duration: 56 min
  • Production: © Idéale Audience
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