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concert The 2016 Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert With Mariss Jansons

With Mariss Jansons

The 2016 Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert With Mariss Jansons


One of the most anticipated events of the classical calendar, the Vienna Philharmonic's exquisite New Year's Concert brings the musicians of the prestigious orchestra together under the baton of a different influential conductor each year. Centered around a wide variety of dances in the Viennese style—especially the world-famous waltzes of the Strauss family—every edition brims with stately serenity and a hint of mischief, the perfect way to begin your New Year in music.

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  • Robert Stolz, Uno-Marsch
  • Johann Strauss II, Schatz-Walzer, Op. 418
  • Johann Strauss II, Violetta, Polka française, Op. 404
  • Johann Strauss II, Vergnügungszug, Fast Polka, Op. 281
  • Carl Michael Ziehrer, Weaner Madl'n, Walz, Op. 388
  • Eduard Strauss, Mit Extrapost (Special Delivery), Fast Polka, Op. 259
  • Johann Strauss II, Eine Nacht in Venedig (A Night in Venice)
    • Overture
  • Eduard Strauss, Ausser Rand und Band, Fast Polka, Op. 168
  • Josef Strauss, Sphärenklänge (Harmony of the Spheres), Waltz, Op. 235
  • Johann Strauss II, Sängerslust, Polka française, Op. 328
  • Josef Strauss, Auf Ferienreisen, Fast Polka, Op. 133
  • Johann Strauss II, Fürstin Ninetta
    • Entr’acte zwischen 2. und 3. Akt
  • Émile Waldteufel, España, Walz, Op. 236
  • Josef Hellmesberger I, Ball-Szene
  • Johann Strauss I, Seufzer-Galopp, Op. 9
  • Josef Strauss, Die Libelle, Polka-mazurka, Op. 204
  • Johann Strauss II, Kaiser–Walzer (Emperor Waltz), Op. 437
  • Johann Strauss II, Auf der Jagd (At the Hunt), Fast Polka, Op. 373
  • Johann Strauss II, Im Sturmschritt (Polka schnell), Op.348
  • Johann Strauss II, An der schönen blauen Donau (The Blue Danube), Waltz, Op. 314
  • Johann Strauss I, Radetzky March, Op. 228


  • Venue: Wiener Musikverein (Vienna, Austria)
  • Production date: 2016
  • Recording date: 01/01/2016
  • Production: © ORF in cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic. All rights reserved.
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