Voyage Organisé by Dominique Bagouet, music by Maurice Jaubert

Troupe du Jeune Ballet de France

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Karine Wehner — Costumes
Philippe Duvauchelle — Lighting
Troupe du Jeune Ballet de France
Jean Marion — Ballet master
Robert Berthier — Art director

Program notes

The story of a wedding, choreographed by Dominique Bagouet.

As a dancer and a choreographer, Dominique Bagouet is one of the leading figures in contemporanean ballet.

Created in 1977, this choreography was one of the first ballets by Dominique Bagouet, a few years after his journey in the USA.

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Production date: 1997
Duration: 51 min
Production: © 8 productions / vidéo corp' / JBF / JMF
Resolution: SD