NEW VOD: Romeo & Juliet by Helgi Tómasson, music by Prokofiev

Maria Kochetkova (Juliet), Davit Karapetyan (Romeo), Pascal Molat (Mercutio), Joseph Walsh (Benvolio), Luke Ingham (Tybalt) — San Francisco Ballet

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Helgi Tómasson — Choreographer
Jens-Jacob Worsaae — Costume designer, scenography
Thomas R. Skelton — Lighting
Maria Kochetkova — Juliet
Davit Karapetyan — Romeo
Pascal Molat — Mercutio
Joseph Walsh — Benvolio
Luke Ingham — Tybalt
Ricardo Bustamante — Lord Capulet
Sofiane Sylve — Lady Capulet
Myles Thatcher — Paris
WanTing Zhao — Rosaline
Rubén Martín Cintas — Lord Montague
Jim Sohm — Friar Lawrence
Martino Pistone — Prince of Verona
San Francisco Ballet

Program notes

With its passionate choreography, spine-tingling swordsmanship, and celebrated score by Sergei Prokofiev, this colorful and emotional retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet has packed houses around the world. Longtime creative director Helgi Tómasson’s bravura interpretation of the Bard’s greatest tragedy “lifts Shakespeare’s complex and familiar language off the gilded pages and translates it into lucid classical choreography that is visceral, fresh, and ultimately sublime” (Huffington Post).

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Directed by:
Thomas Grimm
Venue: San Francisco Opera (San Francisco, California, USA)
Production date: 2015
Duration: 1 h 56 min
Production: © Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
Resolution: Full HD

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Friday, May 31, 2024