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ballet Picasso and Dance The origins of Le Tricorne and Le Train Bleu

The origins of Le Tricorne and Le Train Bleu

Picasso and Dance The origins of Le Tricorne and Le Train Bleu


Between 1917 and 1962, Picasso was asked to create the decor for nine ballets in collaboration with Jean Cocteau, Erik Satie, Igor Stravinsky, Claude Debussy, Léonide Massine, Vaslav Nijinsky and other great contemporary artists. In this documentary, discover two of these ballets, Le Tricorne and Le Train Bleu, and learn about the history of this collaboration.

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  • Pablo Picasso | Set designer, Costume designer, Scenography
  • Elisabeth Maurin | Perlouse
  • Clotilde Vayer | Dancer (The Tennis Champion)
  • Nicholas Le Riche | Dancer
  • Nicolas Le Riche | The Handsome Youth
  • Laurent Quéval | The Golfer
  • Bronislava Nijinska | Choreographer
  • Kader Belarbi | The Miller
  • Françoise Legrée | The miller's wife
  • Fabrice Bourgeois | Magistrate
  • Eric Quillère | The Dandy
  • Nathalie Riqué | His companion
  • Léonide Massine | Choreographer


  • Darius Milhaud / Bronislava Nijinska, Le Train Bleu
  • Manuel de Falla / Bronislava Nijinska, El Sombrero de tres picos


  • Production date: 1994
  • Duration: 1 h 21 min
  • Production: © NVC ARTS, Caméras Continentales, NHK, Opéra National de Paris
  • Available subtitle(s) : FR, EN
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