XIII Moscow International Ballet Competition: Awards Ceremony and Gala


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Siyi Li — China

Igor Pugachev — Russia

Seonmee Park — South Korea

Sangmin Lee — South Korea

Ildar Tagirov — Russia

Soobin Lee — South Korea

Mark Chino — Russia

Diana Huertas

Carmela Garcia

Jessica Martin

Eduardo Zúñiga — Chile

Terada Midori — Japan

Koya Okawa — Japan

Elizaveta Kokoreva — Russia

Denis Zakharov — Russia

Elisabeth Beyer — USA

Miaoyuan Ma — China

Xiaochao Wen — China

Program notes

From June 11th-20th of this year, we have the pleasure of webcasting the XIII Moscow International Ballet Competition, live from the Bolshoi Theatre.

A closer look: composers and works

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