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ballet Mass b by Béatrice Massin, music by Bach and Ligeti Compagnie Fêtes Galantes

Compagnie Fêtes Galantes

Mass b by Béatrice Massin, music by Bach and Ligeti Compagnie Fêtes Galantes


Mass b is "a great human fresco, both Baroque and contemporary, based on the journeys of those who have fled their homeland in the hope of rebuilding their lives in a new place," in the words of creator Béatrice Massin, a specialist in Baroque dance.

Just as Bach’s monumental Mass in B Minor coexists here alongside three works by progressive 20th-century composer György Ligeti (one for organ, one for harpsichord, and another for 100 metronomes!), Mass b represents a meeting point between the ancient and the modern, delivering a compelling statement about continuity and contemporaneity. Massin's elegant, colorful choreography smartly deploys geometric patterns and Baroque conventions with codes of contemporary dance: a liberatory, inspiring, and singular work, not to be missed! 


  • Béatrice Massin | Choreographer
  • Frédéric Casanova | Set designer
  • Caty Olive | Lighting
  • Emmanuel Nappey | Sound Designer
  • Clémentine Monsaingeo | Costumes
  • Lauren Bolze | Dancer
  • Lou Cantor | Dancer
  • Benjamin Dur | Dancer
  • Rémi Gérard | Dancer
  • Philippe Lebhar | Dancer
  • Marie Orts | Dancer
  • Edouard Pelleray | Dancer
  • Bérangère Roussel | Dancer
  • Chloé Zamboni | Dancer
  • Thalia Zilloti | Dancer
  • Fêtes galantes


  • Johann Sebastian Bach, Mass in B Minor, BWV 232


  • Directed by:
    • Stéphane Lebard
  • Venue: Théâtre national de Chaillot (Paris)
  • Production date: 2017
  • Duration: 1 h 00 min
  • Production: © Wahoo Production / Compagnie Fêtes galantes / MEZZO
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