La Bayadère by Nureyev after Petipa, music by Minkus

Nicoletta Manni (Nikiya), Nicola Del Freo (Solor), Virna Toppi (Gamzatti) — Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company

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Rudolf Nureyev — Choreography and staging (after Marius Petipa)
Manuel Legris — Choreographic supervision
Luisa Spinatelli — Set designer, costumes
Monia Torchia — Sets and costumes assistant
Marco Filibeck — Lighting
John Lanchbery — Orchestration
Nicoletta Manni — Nikiya
Timofej Andrijashenko — Solor
Maria Celeste Losa — Gamzatti
Corpo di ballo del Teatro alla Scala
Students of the Ballet School of La Scala Academy
Orchestra del Teatro Alla Scala
Kevin Rhodes — Conductor

Program notes

This Christmas, rediscover a monument of ballet history, recorded at the prestigious La Scala: La Bayadère, in the choreography by the great Rudolf Nureyev and under the direction of Manuel Legris, a former student of Nureyev! Premiered in 1877, the work underwent numerous adaptations—not only in its choreography, but also in its score and its plotline—to suit the means and mores of the times following the Bolshevik Revolution. It was only in the 1960s that the ballet began to reach Western audiences—with the extraordinary Natalia Makarova staging excerpts and then a full production in the United States, and the legendary Nureyev bringing his version to France and the United Kingdom.

Against the sumptuous sets by Luisa Spinatelli, soloists Nicoletta Manni, Timofej Andrijashenko, and Maria Celeste Losa bring fire and brio to the titular Nikiya (a temple dancer), the warrior Solor with whom she falls in love, and Solor's betrothed Gamzatti, daughter of the Rajah of Golconda. Under the excellent Kevin Rhodes, the Orchestra of La Scala bring out the most captivating notes and accents of Léon Minkus's score, orchestrated by John Lanchbery for the ballet's Western premiere.

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Venue: Teatro alla Scala (Milan, Italy)
Production date: 2021
Recording date: 17/12/2021
Duration: 2 h 17 min
Production: © RAI
Resolution: Full HD

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