Is You Me by Benoît Lachambre

A creation by Laurent Goldring, Louise Lecavalier, Hahn Rowe

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Benoit Lachambre — Dancer, choreographer, set designer, lighting designer

Louise Lecavalier — Dancer, set designer, lighting designer

Laurent Goldring — Set designer, photographer, lighting designer

Lim Seonoc — Costume designer

Program notes

In May 2008 in Montreal “Is You Me” was premiered. A pictorial decor in constant motion, the piece shows two dancers arranged like musical notes on a score. Half way between a dance and a montage, the show plunges the audience into a world at the crossroads of animation and graphic performance.

Choreography by Benoit Lachambre, with Louise Lecavalier. This crossover, in the form of a game of mirrors, brings together two brilliant artists: the first breaks the codes, the second alternates between volcanic and fragile behaviour. A show that opens up many questions:  “Am I me or you? Are you me? Do you see me as I see you?” 

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