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ballet NEW VOD: Garden by Medhi Walerski, music by Saint-Saëns Nederlands Dans Theater

Nederlands Dans Theater

NEW VOD: Garden by Medhi Walerski, music by Saint-Saëns Nederlands Dans Theater


Saint-Saëns's Piano Quintet in A Minor inspired this breathtakingly original piece by French choreographer Medhi Walerski—a former dancer for the Paris Opera Ballet—who enlisted ten talented dancers from the prestigious Nederlands Dans Theater to participate in the dramatic project. Theun Mosk's astute lighting design accentuates the dramatic arc of the music, changing the atmosphere onstage in the blink of an eye; the light-colored body suits designed by Walerski and Joke Visser and worn by each dancer, set against a minimalist backdrop, allow each dancing body to blend seamlessly into the ensemble, putting visual emphasis squarely on line, form, and movement—a pure expression of dance.


  • Medhi Walerski | Choreographer, Costume designer
  • Pierre Pontvianne | Dramaturgy, Sound Designer
  • Theun Mosk | Set designer, Lighting designer
  • Joke Visser | Costumes
  • Chloé Albaret | Dancer
  • Olivier Coeffard | Dancer
  • Anne Jung | Dancer
  • Rupert Tookey | Dancer
  • Yukino Takaura | Dancer
  • Chuck Jones | Dancer
  • Sarah Reynolds | Dancer
  • Marne van Opstal | Dancer
  • Katarina van den Wouwer | Dancer
  • Jon Bond | Dancer


  • Medhi Walerski / Camille Saint-Saëns, Garden


  • Directed by:
    • Louise Narboni
  • Production date: 2017
  • Production: © La Belle Télé - NDT - Mezzo
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