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ballet Davaï Davaï… by Brahim Bouchelaghem Original choregraphy – Cie Zahrbat

Original choregraphy – Cie Zahrbat

Davaï Davaï… by Brahim Bouchelaghem Original choregraphy – Cie Zahrbat


Find out more about Brahim Bouchelaghem’s show. A film directed by Eric Legay.

[...] A chiselled and poetic piece. Accurate and efficient. It is invigorating, it burns like a swig of vodka. With the incredibly talented dancers on stage, the TOP 9... emotion tumbles and shifts, detonating in perfect sequence. Marbles of poetry on a battlefield. Captivating... A must see.Delphine Tonnerre on the Brahim Bouchelaghem’s troupe, Nord-Eclair.

Brahim Bouchelaghem modelled his show on everyone's emotions, asking dancers to recall their past and to use it. So, the dance tells a story of human experiences; many life journeys that will be broken down into three topics: free will, an individual's relationship with a group and the construction of the individual.


  • Brahim Bouchelaghem | Dancer, Choreographer (Brams)
  • Stanislav Vaytekhovich | Dancer (Wolt)
  • Konstantin Eliceitsev | Dancer (Kosto)
  • Dmytro Li | Dancer (Flying Buddha)
  • Maxim Shakhov | Dancer (Simpson)
  • Dmitry Bagrov | Dancer (Rezk)
  • Dmitrii Kolokolnikov | Dancer (Komar)
  • Oleksiy Bulgakov | Dancer (Robin)
  • Anton Savchenko | Dancer (Tony Rock)
  • Compagnie Zahrbat


  • Brahim Bouchelaghem, Davaï Davaï…


  • Directed by:
    • Eric Legay
  • Production date: 2013
  • Duration: 54 min
  • Production: © Des Pas Des Figures / Telessonne / CINAPS Television / All Rights Reserved
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