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Danza Contemporánea de Cuba

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Jorge Céspedes — Choreographer
Paula Fernández — Costume designer
Fernando Alonso — Lighting designer
Julio César Iglesias — Choreographer, costume designer
Fernando Alonso — Lighting designer
Christophe Béranger — Choreographer, costume designer
Jonathan Pranlas-Descours — Choreographer, costume designer
Vladimir Cuenca — Costume designer
Olivier Bauer — Lighting designer
Danza Contemporánea de Cuba

Program notes

Discover the hidden gem of contemporary dance with the Danses sacrales by the Danza contemporánea de Cuba company! Founded in 1959, the group has developed a singular style over the years, mixing influences like Cuban Folk, modern dance as well as classical ballet, relying on performers of exceptional physical abilities, stunning technical virtuosity, and breathtaking artistry.

In this 2018 event, the company showcases its interpretation of three works that magnificently capture the spirit of this ensemble. The choreographies by Jorge Céspedes, Julio César Iglesias, Christophe Béranger, and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours on music that intertwine the Cuban tradition with classical and electronic genres, allow us to take in the essence of a spectacular group.

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Directed by:
Patrick Lauze
Venue: Gran Teatro de La Habana "Alicia Alonso" (Havana)
Production date: 2018
Duration: 1 h 52 min
Production: © Les Films Figures Libres - Mezzo
Resolution: Full HD

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