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ballet Apache by Hamid Ben Mahi With the dance company Hors Série

With the dance company Hors Série

Apache by Hamid Ben Mahi With the dance company Hors Série


How did Apache come about? If you ask Hamid Ben Mahi, he will say: “In Je tuerai la pianiste, Bashung sings in French ‘I’m an Apache, I'm an Indian, who was led to believe that we should hide our pain.’ There was the idea of talking to a tribe of Apaches, indigenous people, and talking about the states of the body they share, such as anger and abandonment [...]”.

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  • Hamid Ben Mahi | Dancer, Choreographer
  • Sarah Bee | Dancer
  • Babacar Cissé | Dancer
  • Frédéric Faula
  • Vanessa Petit | Dancer
  • Salem Mouhajir | Dancer
  • Yan Péchin | Music director
  • Antoine Auger | Lighting designer
  • Philippe Casaban | Scenography
  • Éric Charbeau | Scenography
  • Karolina Brock | Costume designer
  • Stéphane Abboud | Video editor


  • Hamid Ben Mahi, Apache


  • Directed by:
    • Eric Legay
  • Production date: 2014
  • Duration: 54 min
  • Production: © Des Pas Des Figures / Telessonne / Gie Grand Ouest Régie Television / Cela TV
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