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Sergei Davydchenko

Sergei Davydchenko


Sergei Davydchenko was born in 2004. Davydchenko trained under Tatiana Levadnaya at the preparatory courses of the Stavropol Safonov Music College. He has taken part in the 11th International Safonov Young Pianists Competition (Pyatigorsk, 2015, Grand Prix), the 10th International Karamanov Young Pianists Competition (Simferopol, 2015, 1st prize), the 11th International Young Pianists Competition A Step Towards Mastery (Rostov-on-Don, 2016, Grand Prix), the 17th International Nutcracker Television Contest (Moscow, 2016, 1st prize, audience prize), and the 4th International Astana Piano Passion Competition (2017, 1st prize). Davydchenko has also performed at such festivals as the AMMERSEErenade (Ammersee, Germany, 2017), the Stars on the Baikal festival (Irkutsk, 2017), The Mariinsky – Vladikavkaz festival (Vladikavkaz, 2017), and the Contemporary Piano Faces festival (St. Petersburg, 2017). Sergei enrolled into the Specialized Middle School of the Rostov Conservatory (Sergei Osipenko’s class) in 2017. 

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