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Martin T:son Engstroem
Founder and Director of the Verbier Festival

Martin T:son Engstroem


Born in Stockholm in 1953, Martin T:son Engstroem has been initiated very early to classical music. He grew up in a family of music lovers, passionate about opera and classical music and attended with his parents many classical concerts. As he worked during his studies in a record shop owner, he becomes quickly familiar with numerous repertoires. He graduated from the Stockholm University in History of Music. He moved to Switzerland in 1987. The founder, musical and executive director of the Verbier Festival, Martin T:son Engstroem created with the conductor James Levine the UBS Festival Orchestra that gives young musicians the opportunity to improve alongside great soloists and conductors, in preparation for the Verbier Festival and the international tour following the festival. It is considered nowadays as one of the best training orchestras in the world.

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