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Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz

Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz

  • May 29, 1860 Camprodon (Spain) - May 18, 1909 Cambo (Spain)


The great, late Romantic, Spanish composer Albéniz, led a life worthy of an adventure novel. The anecdotes about his childhood are numerous. It is said that well before he came of age, he boarded a boat headed for Costa Rica as a stowaway. Thanks to his love of freedom, Albéniz gave many concerts to pay for solitary journeys, which took him from the cafés in Buenos Aires to the concert halls of Boston. This tireless explorer did however receive a serious musical formation. He was a pupil of Marmontel in Paris, (1886), Reinecke in Leipzig, (1874), Gevaert in Brussels, (1876), Liszt in Budapest, (1878) and D’indy and Dukas in Paris (1890).

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