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Antoine Tamestit

Antoine Tamestit


"His playing was distinguished by a lightness and rhythmic buoyancy that illuminated the varied dance characteristics of the suites. His crisp, spry sound in the faster movements became meltingly beautiful in the slower sections, like the Sarabande of the first suite; the whole work was enhanced by his graciously nuanced phrasing." – New York Times, August 2014

Antoine Tamestit has achieved the rare distinction as a violist of playing at the highest level with orchestra and being constantly in demand as a chamber musician and recitalist. In August 2014 he was re-invited to the Mostly Mozart Festival and performed a solo recital of Bach and Hindemith, plus a chamber music concert with Martin Fröst and Shai Wosner. The New York Times praised his "refined, poised timbre" and "passionate spark, imbuing the ensuing slow section with an elegant range of textures and colors. The final movement, which Mr. Tamestit compared to a "reflective Sarabande, unfolded with soulful intensity".

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