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The Fairy Queen by Purcell

William Christie, Jonathan Kent – Lucy Crowe, Ed Lyon, Adrian Ward

The Fairy Queen by Purcell William Christie, Jonathan Kent – Lucy Crowe, Ed Lyon, Adrian Ward


There are too many highlights to mention in this varied and infinitely delightful entertainment. Glyndebourne has a triumph on its hands.
The Stage

Jonathan Kent's spectacular production of Purcell's huge semi-opera is joyous, imaginative and witty. Glyndebourne, with its intimate auditorium, provides the perfect setting for a drama which is partly spoken and partly sung.

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  • Henry Purcell, The Fairy Queen
    • First Musick: Prelude
    • First Musick: Hornpipe
    • Second Musick: Air
    • Second Musick: Rondeau
    • I: Overture
    • I: "Come, come let us leave the town"
    • I: Scene of the Drunken Poet: "Fill up the bowl"
    • I: First Act Tune: Jig
    • II: "Come all ye songsters of the sky"
    • II: Prelude
    • II: "May the God of Wit inspire"
    • II: Echo
    • II: "Now join your Warbling Voices all"
    • II: "Sing while we trip"
    • II: "See, even Night herself is here"
    • II: "I am come to lock all fast"
    • II: "Hush, no more"
    • II: Second Act Tune: Air
    • III: "If love's a sweet passion"
    • III: Dance of the Green Men
    • III: "Ye gentle spirits of the Air"
    • III: Coridon and Mospa Dialogue: "Now the maids and the men"
    • III: "When I Have often heard"
    • III: "A thousand, thousand several ways"
    • IV: Symphony
    • IV: "Now the night is chased away"
    • IV: "Let the fifes, and the clarions"
    • IV: Entry of Phoebus
    • IV: "When a cruel long winter"
    • IV: "Hail! Great Parent"
    • IV: "Thus the ever Grateful spring"
    • IV: "Here's the summer"
    • IV: "See my many colour'd fields"
    • IV: "Next winter comes slowly"
    • IV: "Hail! Great Parent"
    • IV: Fourth Act Tune: Air
    • V: Epithalamium: "Thrice happy lovers"
    • V: The Plaint: "Oh let me weep"
    • V: Entry Dance
    • V: "Thus the gloomy world"
    • V: "Thus Happy and free"
    • V: "Yes, Daphne"
    • V: Monkey's dance
    • V: "Hark! Now the echoing air"
    • V: "Sure the dull God of marriage"
    • V: Prelude
    • V: "See, see, I obey"
    • V: "Turn then thine eyes"
    • V: "My torch, indeed"
    • V: "They shall be as happy as they're fair"
    • V: Chaconne: "Dance for a Chinese Man and Woman"


  • Directed by:
    • François Roussillon
  • Venue: Glyndebourne (Lewes, Great Britain)
  • Production date: 2009
  • Recording date: 17-19/07/2009
  • Duration: 3 h 31 min
  • Production: © NHK / Mezzo / Glyndebourne Enterprises Ltd / François Roussillon et Associés
  • Available version(s): EN
  • Available subtitle(s) : FR, EN, DE, ES

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  • Jonathan Kent | Stage director
  • Paul Brown | Set designer
  • Mark Henderson | Lighting
  • Kim Brandstrup | Choreographer
  • Singers:
  • Lucy Crowe | Soprano
  • Claire Debono | Soprano
  • Anna Devin | Soprano
  • Helen-Jane Howells | Soprano
  • Rachel Redmond | Soprano
  • Carolyn Sampson | Soprano
  • Robert Burt | Tenor
  • Sean Clayton | Tenor
  • Ed Lyon | Tenor
  • Adrian Ward | Tenor
  • Lukas Kargl | Baritone
  • John Mackenzie | Baritone
  • Desmond Barrit | Bass guitarist
  • Andrew Foster-Williams | Bass guitarist
  • Actors:
  • Sally Dexter | Titania
  • Joseph Millson | Oberon
  • Desmond Barrit | Bottom
  • Jotham Annan | Puck
  • Susannah Wise | Hermia
  • Helen Bradbury | Helena
  • Oliver Le Suer | Demetrius
  • Oliver Kieran Jones | Lysander
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