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Salome by Strauss

Philippe Jordan, David McVicar – Nadja Michael (Salome), Thomas Moser (Herod), Joseph Kaiser (Narraboth) – Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Salome by Strauss Philippe Jordan, David McVicar – Nadja Michael (Salome), Thomas Moser (Herod), Joseph Kaiser (Narraboth) – Royal Opera House, Covent Garden


Salome's biblical story inspired Oscar Wilde a tragedy and Richard Strauss an opera. David McVicar staged this opera of extravagant intensity in the Covent Garden's Royal Opera House in june 2012.

Salome gave Richard Strauss the reputation of a first-rank opera composer; Gustav Mahler called it "one of the most important works of our day". The staging's opening tableau introduces a world of debauchery. While the Tetrach and his guests savour a banquet on the upper floor, servants, guards and prostitutes wait to be summoned in a filthy kitchen downstairs. The vile atmosphere is reinforced by Es Devlin's Art-Deco-inspired designs. Salome, interpreted by Nadja Michael, is innocence, sensuality and violence. Strauss famously said the role was "written for a 16-year-old with the voice of an Isolde".

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  • Richard Strauss, Salome, Op. 54
    • Scene 1. Wie schön ist die Princezessin Salome
    • Scene 2. Ich will nicht bleiben
    • Scene 3. Wo ist er, dessen Sündenbecher
    • Scene 3. Er ist schrecklich
    • Scene 3. Ich bin verliebt in deinen Leib, Jokanaan
    • Scene 3. Niemals, Tochter Babylons, Tochter Sodoms
    • Scene 3. Lass mich deinen Mund küssen
    • Scene 4. Wo ist Salome?
    • Scene 4. Salome, komm, trink Wein mit mir
    • Scene 4. Tanz für mich, Salome
    • Scene 4. Dance of the seven veils
    • Scene 4. Ah! Herrlich! Wundervoll
    • Scene 4. Es ist kein Laut zu vernehmen
    • Scene 4. Ah! Du wolltest mich nicht
    • Scene 4. Dein Leib war eine Elfenbeinsäule
    • Scene 4. Sie ist ein Ungeheuer, deiner Tochter


  • Directed by:
    • Jonathan Haswell
  • Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (London, Great Britain)
  • Production date: 2008
  • Duration: 1 h 51 min
  • Production: © Opus Arte
  • Available version(s): EN
  • Available subtitle(s) : EN, FR, ES, DE, IT


  • David McVicar | Stage director
  • Es Devlin | Set designer, Costume designer
  • Wolfgang Göbbel | Lighting
  • Andrew George | Choreographer
  • Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer for Fifty Nine Productions | Video
  • Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
  • Philippe Jordan | Music director
  • Nadja Michael | Salome, Herodias’s daughter, Herod’s stepdaughter
  • Thomas Moser | Herod, Tetrarch of Judea
  • Michaela Schuster | Herodias, Herod's wife
  • Daniela Sindram | The Page of Herodias
  • Michael Volle | Jokanaan, John the Baptist
  • Joseph Kaiser | Narraboth
  • Christian Sist | First Soldier
  • Alan Ewing | Second Soldier
  • Vuyani Mlinde | A Cappadocian
  • Pumeza Matshikiza | A slave

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