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A journey with the Cumbia (II/II)

From Maracaïbo to Bogota

A journey with the Cumbia (II/II) From Maracaïbo to Bogota


La Cumbia, like so many other types of Caribbean music, is of African origin and developed on the north coast of Colombia during the 17th century.

Cumbia is at the meeting point of three different cultures. Its rhythm and drums come from Africa; its melancholy gaiety and flutes from the indigenous populations, its brass, lyrics and costumes (when danced in traditional celebrations) from Spanish colonisers.

This is a music film, in which we will trace the Cumbia, so fashionable today, back to its origins. We follow the Cumbia in a journey from Paris and New York to its birthplace on the beaches of Colombia. We will continue the journey, with Cumbia and its variants, from port to port, and to the most southerly, coldest regions of the South American continent.


  • Directed by:
    • Sylvie Blum
    • Carmen Castillo
  • Production date: 2000
  • Duration: 1 h 00 min
  • Production: © Bel Air Média / ARTE France / Son pour Son
  • Available version(s): EN

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