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The Middle of Germany, Kroll Oper

The Story of the Kroll Oper

The Middle of Germany, Kroll Oper The Story of the Kroll Oper


This is the documentary story of the Kroll Oper, a famous building at the Place of the Republik in Berlin right in the middle of Germany. Its colorful history lasted from 1844, when it was built, until it was finally torn down in 1957.

Originally established as a dance and entertainment hall called "Kroll's Establishment," it was changed into an opera house at the turn of the century. Caruso sang in it, artists of the Bauhaus worked in it and when Otto Klemperer was appointed its musical director it became the center of the European Avantgarde of musicians.

Its artistic history ended radically when the building was taken over the Nazis to serve as their headquarters after burning of the Reichstag.The documentary gives a comprehensive picture of the different roles the Kroll Oper played in the cultural, musical and political history of Berlin.


  • Directed by: Jörg Moser-Metius
  • Production date: 1990
  • Duration: 57 min
  • Production: © brilliant music MDCCCCLXXXX
  • Available version(s): EN

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