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Sylvie Guillem: a portrait


Sylvie Guillem: a portrait Musica


At 'Steps', the celebrated contemporary dance festival in Zurich, a name stood out among the top artists invited: French dancer Sylvie Guillem and her production '6000 Miles Away'.

She talks to euronews about her interpretation of Matt Ek's solo piece 'Bye': "Bye has got to do with saying goodbye to childhood, goodbye to a certain type of career, goodbye to the kind of woman I used to be and am not anymore. Every day we say goodbye to something in order to find something else, everything is in progress and being in progress means turning many pages, one after the other.

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  • Directed by: Musica by Euronews
  • Production date: 2012
  • Duration: 4 min
  • Production: © Euronews
  • Available version(s): FR, EN


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