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Robert Schumann, Inner Voices

Chamber Music Collection

Robert Schumann, Inner Voices Chamber Music Collection


Schumann's chamber music repertoire: a biographical key.

Through the chamber music of Robert Schumann, we are offered a glimpse into the life of the composer. Movements drawn from his Quartet no. 3 in A Major and Quartet no. 1 in A Minor, set the stage for the development of a lavish fresco, freely inspired by the life of Schumann. Dancers and actors move to an original choreography within an imaginary setting. Each movement is preceded by a short documentary vignette depicting highlights in the composer's life.


  • Directed by:
    • Tim Southam
  • Production date: 2003
  • Duration: 52 min
  • Production: © Ciné Qua Non Films
  • Available version(s): EN


  • St Lawrence String Quartet

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