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The Vienna Philharmonic does Sydney


The Vienna Philharmonic does Sydney Musica


From the Blue Danube to Down Under; from refined, sophisticated Vienna to outdoorsy, hedonistic Sydney – the recent Antipodean tour of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has been a huge success.

With Strauss to the fore the Philharmonic swept into Sydney's opera house, bringing Vienna's music and composers with it. They included Anton Bruckner and his 'Romantic' Symphony. "In the fourth Symphony, from the very first beginning, this horn solo is not a melody, it's a message from a different world the composer couldn't have described better in words. As Nikolaus Harnoncourt once said, Bruckner cannot be compared to anybody, he's like a stone from the moon, he's comparable to nothing before or after him," says the VPO's president Clemens Hellsberg.

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  • Production date: 2011
  • Duration: 4 min
  • Production: © Euronews
  • Available version(s): FR, EN

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