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The divine excellence of Bach


The divine excellence of Bach Musica


Few of the world's great boys choirs have the pedigree of St Thomas' in Leipzig. Neither war, nor plague or isolation from the outside world could silence its voices.

"I think that the first beat of the kettledrum and the beginning of the choir singing: "Jauchzet frohlocket," is something that always stays in your mind. When you sing Bach your body really vibrates, this rhythm just grips and enthuses you," says choirboy Oscar Didt. Oskar is a member of the latest generation at the 800-year-old institution, where once Johann Sebastian Bach himself was choirmaster, so he is central to their repertoire.

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  • Production date: 2013
  • Duration: 4 min
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  • St Thomas Boys Choir
  • George Christoph Biller | Chorus director

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