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Aperghis, Storm in a head

Combining sound, words and images

Aperghis, Storm in a head Combining sound, words and images


At the heart of the world of Georges Aperghis, a composer without limits.

He was and he remains a radical figure. Composer Georges Aperghis' fondness for adventure withstands the test of time. Born in 1945 in Athens, he moved to France when he was 18 and it was with modern composers such as Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, or his fellow countryman Iannis Xenakis, that he learnt to sweep aside all categorisations. Today, at the head of a catalogue of more than a hundred works, Georges Aperghis pursues his quest for groundbreaking inventiveness in which the voice plays a Major role. But the man who pushes creativity beyond the limits, the undisputed hero of profuse sound, has the greatest respect and fondness for his performers.

It is through them, that the filmmaker Catherine Maximoff invites us into his special world: by speaking to us of Aperghis' music, by deciphering his written pieces between 1978 and 2004 ("it wasn't a score, confides one of the singers, it was a sort of living being that hated me…"), they also tell us who he is.


  • Directed by:
    • Catherine Maximoff
  • Production date: 2006
  • Duration: 57 min
  • Production: © Idéale Audience / Les Films du Présent / Arte France
  • Available version(s): EN
  • Available subtitle(s) : EN


  • Georges Aperghis | Composer
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