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Daniel Harding performs Schumann and Brahms

Verbier Festival 2010

Daniel Harding performs Schumann and Brahms Verbier Festival 2010


Daniel Harding, with the Verbier Festival Orchestra, conducts two Major works composed by the two musicians who were the closest in the Romantic era : the duo Schumann-Brahms.

Premiered by Franz Liszt in Weimar in 1852, Manfred was composed after a poem by Lord Byron, inspired by the Goethe's legendary Faust. This work for voices and orchestra gathers devil spirits, mystical forces and human love. Daniel Harding conducts its dark and tormented overture, transporting the audience in the deepest episodes of Romantic literature.

Brahms' second symphony was published just one year after his first one, he took more than fifteen years to compose. Because of his peaceful tonality, it has been compared many times to Beethoven's Pastoral symphony.


  • Robert Schumann, Manfred, Overture
  • Johannes Brahms, Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 73
    • 1. Allegro non troppo
    • 2. Adagio non troppo
    • 3. Allegretto grazioso (Quasi Andantino)
    • 4. Allegro con spirito


  • Directed by: Isabelle Soulard
  • Venue: Salle des Combins (Verbier, Switzerland)
  • Production date: 2010
  • Duration: 55 min
  • Production: © Idéale audience – Museec – Arte France
  • Available version(s): EN

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