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From Time To Time

Choreographed by Ginette Laurin

From Time To Time Choreographed by Ginette Laurin


The emotional arc of a woman's life portrayed through a unique combination of dance, drama and the remarkable music of Joni Mitchell.

Written and directed by Moze Mossanen and choreographed by Ginette Laurin, the film explores a single life from the initial flirtations of youth through to the disappointments and compromises of the adult years. Along the way, the film touches upon the idealism of the sixties, the sexual experimentation of the seventies, the social turbulence of the eighties and nineties and the promise of the new millennium.


  • Ginette Laurin / Joni Mitchell, From Time To Time


  • Directed by: Moze Mossanen
  • Production date: 2004
  • Duration: 47 min
  • Production: © Year of the Lion Productions
  • Available version(s): EN


  • Ginette Laurin | Choreography
  • Laurel Mc Donald | Music
  • Philip Strong | Music
  • Joni Mitchell | Music and lyrics
  • Alex Reda | Costume designer
  • Emma Lu Romerein
  • Roberto Campanella
  • Mia Dilena
  • Everett Smith
  • Ted Banfalvi
  • Anisa Tejpar
  • Jay T. Schramek
  • Deborah Axelord
  • Sean Ling
  • Kristy Kennedy
  • Philip Drube
  • Julie Marcil
  • Dane Wagner
  • Katie Mc Crory
  • Aaron Libfeld
  • Shane Simpson
  • Carla Smallfield
  • Sharona D'Ornellas
  • Rex Harrington

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