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Zoltán Kocsis conducts Glinka and Beethoven

Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Zoltán Kocsis, leader of the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra for an explosive concert.

The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the famous Hungarian conductor Zoltán Kocsis, shines in finding its roots with the Overture of the Russian opera Ruslan and Ludmila. As part of the Romantic repertoire and inspired by a poem of Pushkin, this furious opera tells the story of Ruslan, searching for his wife Ludmila, kidnapped by the magician Chemomor’s monsters during the banquet celebrating their union…

Another inescapable score is invited to the program, the Symphony in E flat Major, Op. 55 No. 3 also known as the Eroica and undoubtedly the composer’s best known symphony. The length, as well as the multitude of feelings conveyed, made it a work carried by an unrivalled emotional impact.

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Broadcast date : Aug. 20, 2014, 7 p.m.

Movie director : Jean-Pierre Loisil

Location : Sainte-Bernadette Church (Annecy, France)
Production date : 2014
Production : Idéale Audience - MUSEEC/

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