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“We really love the productions. It feels like we are in the concert halls, and sometimes sitting with the orchestra. It has become one of our favorite ways of entertainment.”
John and Louise S. (US, Delaware)

“I have very much enjoyed medici.tv and appreciate the work to present the music on the website.”
Ken W. (US, Illinois)

I am 77 years old and medici.tv is the most exciting thing I have ever discovered on the internet. I LOVE IT!
Maggie W. (Australia)

“I hope you continue to provide each subscriber with the stunning videos of world-renowned performers in the same manner you have done in the past. As an avid lover of classical music, your service is excellent and I don't know any other organizations who provide such high quality videos of classical concerts via internet.”
Hiroko S. (US, Alabama)

“As new programs get added to the website, I continue to be amazed at how wonderful Medici tv is.
Michael D. (US, New York)

You are Simply Fabulous, Medici.TV Where on Earth Did you Come From? How Did I FInd Such a Miracle. How Do You Make Any Money Off of So Much You Offer Here?!!!
Richard G. (US, New York)

“I am very satisfied with your service and I talk about you to all my friends. [..] This is good marketing!”
Noelie S. (France)

“We think medici.tv is a great site and, since we live in a remote region now, compensates for the ready availability to us of live concert attendances.
Mawell A. (Australia)

“Keep up your wonderful work.”
Morton L. (US)

“Since I'm kind of stuck on opera, your wonderful website pulls me into other areas. I appreciate that. I love the Jonas Kaufmann Werther, although I get a bit distracted by his good looks – this, even though I'm 71 years old and gay.”
Carla H. (US, Washington)

I'm intending to subscribe to your service, which I've just discovered and have fallen in love with.
Cássia C. (Brazil)

“I think this online library is genious.”
MF H. (France)

“I listen faithfully to medici.tv. One of my latest discoveries: Bruno Monsaingeon's documentary, The Unquiet Traveller. A milestone.”
André R. (Canada)