A musical journey through Spain

L'accord espagnol

A musical journey to the sounds of guitars and castanets in a place which symbolizes Spanish history: the palace of the Alhambra.


In Spain, more specifically Andalusia, the guitar is king. It reflects the rhythmic, staccato character of the area's traditional dance: the flamenco. Composers like Isaac Albeniz and Francisco Tarrega conveyed this spirit in their scores.

At the Alhambra, Charles Quint's palace in Granada, flamenco singers and dancers rub shoulders, but you'll also find performers of Arabo-Andalusian music, a reminder of the Arabic influence on Spanish culture. A musical and historic journey.

The Voyages musicaux ("Musical Journeys") series is a set of walks where we learn about history and the current music scene in the countries of Europe. During his travels, a film-maker meets classical stars, students and people who are simply passionate about music. He travels the land while revisiting history and sketches a culture's musical portrait. The meetings are interspersed with concert recordings, on a leisurely stroll...

Movie directors : François Goetghebeur, Nicolas Lebrun
Collection : The musical journeys

Duration : 51 min
Production date : 2005
Production : © LGM / Mezzo
Available version(s) : VI

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