Il Trovatore – Verdi

Riccardo Muti, Hugo de Ana – Barbara Frittoli (Leonora), Violeta Urmana (Azucena), Salvatore Licitra (Manrico) – Teatro alla Scala

Riccardo Muti conducts a group of excellent singers for a memorable Trovatore.

In 2001, the centenary of Verdi's death was commemorated all around the world and of course in Italy, his homeland, where he died on January 27th 1901. The Scala of Milan, where Verdi saw many of his works premiered, marked this anniversary by giving a new production of Il Trovatore, even through this opera was performed for the first time on 19th January 1853 in Rome at the Teatro Argentina and not in Milan.

The conductor, Riccardo Muti, who was the musical director of the Scala, decided to present a new critical version of the score, closer to the composer's first intentions. This version, which was controversial at the time, contributed to the interest shown in this performance in which the orchestra plays a key role. Muti provides a rendition of Il Trovatore that is full of ardour. Like a painting that has regained its colours after having been restored, conducted in this way Il Trovatore sounds brand new.

In the principal roles, Barbara Fritolli, Leo Nucci, Violetta Urmana and Salvatore Licitra (Toscanini said that to succeed Il Trovatore, all that was needed was four good singers) are equal to the conductor's ambitions whereas the stage production by Hugo de Ana, which plays with shadows and obscurity, transports the spectator into a dream world.

Hugo de Ana stage director, set designer, costume designer
Sergio Rossi lighting
Leda Lojodice choreography
Coro e Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala
Leo Nucci (The count of Luna)
Roberto Gabbiani chorus master
Barbara Frittoli (Leonora)
Riccardo Muti conductor
Violeta Urmana (Azucena)
Salvatore Licitra (Manrico)
Giorgio Giuseppini (Ferrando)
Tiziana Tramonti (Ines)
Ernesto Gavazzi (Ruiz)
Ernesto Panariello (An old Gypsy)
Francesco Biasi (A messenger)

Movie director : Carlo Battistoni
Playlists : Viva Verdi!, Italian opera, The greatest voices
Musical period : Romantic music
Music genres : Voice, Opera

Duration : 02 h 16 min
Location : Teatro alla Scala (Milan, Italy)
Recording date : 2000
Production date : 2000
Production : © Euroarts Music International
Available version(s) : IT ST EN

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