24 Hours with Ruggero Raimondi: La Bohème

Master Class

Attend Ruggero Raimondi's master class on La Bohème in the Parisian Salle Gaveau!

Ruggero Raimondi, the world famous Italian bass-baritone, returns to his debut opera La Bohème, but as teacher this time on the occasion of a master class. He guides a group of students through the opera and helps them finding the right vocal expression which reflects the importance of each word of the libretto.

For Raimondi, it is more a matter of transmitting his experience than teaching. For the students, it is sometimes difficult to face the maestro's critics but we can see how they surpass themselves on stage. As Raimondi says, a master class can be an "electric shock" for the young singers.

Ruggero Raimondi

Movie directors : Marie Guilloux, Franck Chaudemanche
Collection : 24 hours with...
Music genre : Voice

Duration : 59 min
Location : Salle Gaveau (Paris, France)
Production date : 2012
Production : © Morgane Production
Available version(s) : FR

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