24 Hours With Michel Portal

Concerts in Paris

Classical clarinetist, free jazz musician, film score composer... discover a talented, complete and charming musician.

Michel Portal, the French clarinetist born in the Basque Country says about himself: "I always have to get closer to the mountain." As if he meant he is always above the ground, or trying to reach the top!

The French musician is a multifaceted artist: he acquired his training as a classical musician but fell in love with jazz at the end of the Second World War. While classical music allows him to feel a broad range of feelings, jazz is for him the music of travel, and he escapes while experimenting new sounds.

This documentary features images from rehearsals for a series of concerts in Paris, an interview and images from the concerts. At age 74, Michel Portal is still full of surprises and fascinating in his thirst for discoveries.

Michel Portal

Movie director : Marie Guilloux
Collection : 24 hours with...
Playlist : The most beautiful programs in HD
Music genre : Jazz

Duration : 32 min
Production date : 2012
Production : © Morgane / Morgane Groupe
Available version(s) : FR

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