The Grand Concert

The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra celebrates its 250th birthday

During the 1992/93 season the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, the oldest civil concert orchestra in the world, celebrated its 250th birthday. On March 1743 the Leipzig book dealer, Jonathan Friedrich Gleditzsch, founded the so-called "Grosse Concert," which later became the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, with fifteen music loving people from Leipzig Society.

From a very early time the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra became one of the centres of European orchestral history. It has made a great contribution to two hundred and fifty years of musical history. The list of events and famous names which are connected with its history is absolutely endless.

A documentary showing the highlights of the orchestra's history, has been dedicated to the anniversary of this unique orchestra which, in addition to Gewandhaus concerts, also plays for the Leipzig opera and in the St Thomas Chirch. The film shows previously unpublished archive material but also makes constant comparisons with the present and demonstrates the self-comprehension which the "modern Gewandhaus musician" has today and what relationship he has to the great Leipzig musical tradition.

Gewandhausorchester Leipzig orchestra

Movie director : Paul Smaczny

Duration : 59 min
Location : Gewandhaus Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany)
Production date : 1993
Production : © EuroArts Music International
Available version(s) : DE

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