The Art of Chopin

A tribute to the art of Chopin

A tribute to the art of Chopin (1810-1849), to his unique and inimitable writing, which prepared the ground for 20th-century music and the modern piano.

The film combines two approaches: the first, narrative in form, chronicles the composer's most creative periods, describing his genius in the context of his era, the pivotal stages in his career, his work methods, existential concerns and musical influences. The other approach, analytical, presents comments from some of the greatest interpreters of his works, among whom Garrick Ohlsson, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Bella Davidovitch, Piotr Anderszewski, Evgeny Kissin and Yuja Wang.

This second axis is the crux of the film, conveying the passion with which today's artists perform Chopin, their understanding of his music, seemingly so easy but in reality so difficult.

Archival footage of such legendary pianists as Arthur Rubinstein round off this musical portrait.

Movie director : Gérald Caillat
Playlists : Chopin's Greatest Performers and Works, The Piano Masters
Musical period : Romantic music

Duration : 52 min
Production date : 2010
Production : © Idéale Audience / Plesnar Films / ARTE France / Telewiszja Polska SA
Available version(s) : EN, FR

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