The Tanglewood Music Center

One of the greatest musical academies

In the 60's, the United States Information Service entrusted the U.S. Department of Agriculture with the diffusion of a number of films on life in the U.S. during the Marshall Plan. The most renowned musicians working in the U.S. willing took up this political move, destined to counteract the influence of the Soviet Bloc.

This film is dedicated to one of the most prestigious musical institutions of the U.S.: the Tanglewood Music Center, located in Massachusettes. The conductor Serge Koussevitski founded it, with the intention of forming young performers and composers, providing them, at the very beginning of their professional career, with the chance to work with internationally renowned musicians. Many famous musicians benefited from the teaching at the Tanglewood Music Center: Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein, for example, who worked with Charles Munch, the director of the Center following Koussevitski's departure in the 1950's.

Bruno Serrou narrator

Movie director : André Delacroix

Duration : 19 min
Production date : 2004
Production : © Morgane Production / Mezzo

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