Tamerlano as seen by Paul McCreesh

Haendel's opera at the Teatro Real Madrid

In a long and detailed interview, conductor Paul McCreesh – a specialist of baroque music – presents one of the "greatest operas of the 18th century."

The Ottoman empire has fallen and the emperor, Bajazet has been captured by the tyrant Tamerlano. The defeated Bajazet contemplates suicide, but love for his daughter weakens his resolve. Andronico, Prince of Greece and ally of Tamerlano, is in love with Asteria and she with him; so when Tamerlano gives him the newly conquered empire of Byzantium, Andronico asks only to remain at Tamerlano's side – really not wanting to leave Asteria...

Paul McCreesh gives a talk on the specifities of this piece and on his work on the score to transmit its tragic dimension. He also shares his experience with Plácido Domingo in his first baroque role! "He has this extraordinary dramatic energy, this incredible focusing of your attention when you watch him. I remember one performance, I was so amazed how he was singing a moment of recitative, I forgot to bring the orchestra in!"

Paul McCreesh

Duration : 17 min
Production date : 2008
Production : © Opus Arte
Available version(s) : EN ST FR, EN ST ES

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