Sleeping Beauty, Tchaikovsky – Ballet

Marius Petipa, Peter Wright – Sofiane Sylve (Princess Aurora), Gaël Lambiotte (Prince Florimund) – The Dutch National Ballet

Marius Petipa's legendary choreography revisited by Sir Peter Wright in one of the most popular ballets of our times: Sleeping Beauty, from Perrault and The Brothers Grimm's tale.

To celebrate the christening of their child Aurora, King Florestan the XIVth and his queen invite the fairies to bestow gifts on the princess. Furious of being not invited, the evil Fairy Carabosse places a curse upon the baby child: on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. Thankfully, the Lilac Fairy intervenes and alters the curse: the spindle will cause a 100-year sleep. On her 16th birthday, the Princess receives a bunch of roses from the Fairy Carabosse. What was bound to happen did happen: Aurora pricks her finger on the spindle, falls asleep and is carried off to an impenetrable forest. One hundred years later, Prince Désiré is smitten by the princess' beauty during a hunting party. Désiré awakens Aurora with a kiss and asks for her hand in marriage.

A timeless work, acknowledged to be one of the most demanding pieces in the romantic repertoire, Sleeping Beauty combines in a single work all the enchantment and virtuosity that ballet has to offer. This version, created in 1981 by the English choreographer Peter Wright, is a staging close to Marius Petipa's original work. The baroque sets, adapted for the large Het Muziektheater's stage, and the splendor of the costumes suit very well this ballet which was initially dedicated to the court of the Russian Tsar.

Marius Petipa choreography
Peter Wright choreography, stage director
Philip Prowse set designer, costumes
Jan Hofstra lighting

Sofiane Sylve (Princess Aurora)
Gaël Lambiotte (Prince Florimund)
Sarah Fontaine (The Lilac Fairy)
Enrichetta Cavallotti (Carabosse)
Sabine Chaland (Princess Florine, a fairy)
Sefton Clarke (The Blue Bird)
Natalia Hoffmann (Pas de quatre, a fairy)
Felipe Diaz (Pas de quatre, a prince)
Marisa Lopez (Pas de quatre, a fairy)
Mathieu Gremillet (Pas de quatre)
Rosi Soto (Puss in Boots)
Steven Etienne (Puss in Boots)
Laura Benningshof (Little red ridding Hood)
Arij Van Giesen (The Wolf)
Marieke Simons (a Fairy)
Britt Juleen (a Fairy)
Kumiko Hayakawa (the Countess, a fairy)
Janusz Madej (Gallison, aide to the Prince)
Raphaël Coumes-Marquet (a Prince)
Alexandre Gouliaev (a Prince)
Nicolas Rapaic (a Prince)
Raimondo Fornoni (King Florestan XXIV)
Jeanette Vondersaar (His Queen)
Iqbal Khawaja (Catalabutte)

The Dutch National Ballet
Holland Symfonia
Ermanno Florio conductor

Movie director : Jellie Dekker
Collection : Fairy Tales
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 02 h 15 min
Location : Het Muziektheater Amsterdam (amstNone)
Production date : 2003
Production : © HNB / NPS

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