Sleeping Beauty

A choreography by Marcia Haydée

Marcia Haydée's choreography Sleeping Beauty is the tragic conflict of Carabosse and the Lilac Fairy, of good and evil.

This programme portrays a Ballet company at work on the choreography and includes clips from the finished production.

Richard Cragun, cast as the evil fairy Carabosse, and Marion Jager, as the Lilac Fairy, portray the good and the evil side of human personality. Annie Mayet dances Princess Aurora and Tamas Detrich Prince Désiré.

This 30 minutes documentary telecast shows Marcia Haydée and the Stuttgart Ballet at work on this new choregraphy.

Corps de Ballet of the Württembergisches Staatstheater
Marcia Haydée choreography

Richard Cragun dancer
Marion Jager dancer
Annie Mayet dancer
Tamas Detrich dancer

Movie director : Gabriele Henke
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 27 min
Production date : 1989
Production : © Dewe-Hellthaler OHG
Available version(s) : EN

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