Sir Peter Ustinov, Celebrating Haydn

Life and works of the great artist, Joseph Haydn

Sir Peter is the master in being able to bring the great composers back to life. He reminds us of their most important events from their achievements down to their very human and personal encounters.

With knowledge, fine feeling an humour, he leads us through these splendid films focusig on the life of some greatest composers of our time.

The famous actor and music-lover leads us through the life and works of the great artist, Joseph Haydn. In film sequences, concert recordings and pictures, you will have the pleasure to make the acquaintance of this extraordinary man! It is thanks to this musician that we have brilliant musical performances like Die Schöpfung.

This programme is the proud recipient of two prizes. It won the "Gold Metal" at the New York TV and Filmfestival as well as the US NAtional Educational Award.

Movie director : Derek Bailey
Musical period : Classical music

Duration : 01 h 00 min
Production date : 1994
Production : © Brilliant Media / GmbH / VIDEAL
Available version(s) : EN

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