Sinfonietta – Kylián

Leoš Janáček – Nederlands Dans Theater

Czech-born Jiří Kylián was inspired by the beautiful music of his compatriot, Janáček, to create this fluid, spacious, romantic ballet which has become a milestone in contemporary choreography. The forceful fanfares of Janáček's music are matched by a ceaselessly energetic and exuberant display of movement, creating and image which carries through the composer's intention of evoking the spirit of the "modern, free Czech."

Jiří Kylián choreography
Nederlands Dans Theater

Movie director : Hans Hulscher
Collection : The Contemporary Ballet Scene
Music genre : Ballet
Musical form : Ballet

Duration : 24 min
Recording date : 1980
Production date : 1980
Production : © Nos / HR / SR2 / CST

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