David McVicar's Salome, A work in progress

Backstage in Covent Garden

Enter the backstage of one of the most prestigious lyrical scene: The Royal Opera House in London, for the subversive and brilliant performance of Salomé directed by David McVicar in 2008…

In 2008, in Covent Garden, David McVicar's rendition of Richard Strauss's Salomé was clearly the most expected. The Scottish stage director had already created numerous successful operas for the British scene; now, his talent is recognized worldwide. This movie details the production of Richard Strauss's opera, based on Oscar Wilde's play. It is a musical adaptation of the biblical episode where Salomé dances for Herod, her father-in-law, in exchange for John the Baptist's head. Mc Vicar and the Royal Opera gave director Nigel Wattis an uncommon access to the creative process.

16 months before, at the beginning of the shooting, Mc Vicar had already decided to base his production on the aesthetics of Pasolini's movie Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom, which takes place in fascist Italy. The obscenity of the movie was such that is was banned from the screens for 25 years.

David McVicar stage director
Es Devlin set designer, costume designer
Nadja Michael (Salomé)

Movie director : Nigel Wattis

Duration : 51 min
Production date : 2008
Production : © ITV Productions
Available version(s) : VO ST EN, VO ST FR, VO ST ES

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