Renaud Capuçon and Elena Bashkirova play Ravel, Beethoven and Janáček
Verbier Festival 2007

In July 2007, was inaugurating its partnership with the Verbier Festival. A series of extraordinary recordings would follow, featuring the best artists of our times. Renaud Capuçon and Elena Bashkirova give here an outstanding rendition of for major sonatas from the violin and piano repertoire.

Ravel opens this programme with the sonata which was published posthumously. Then, the very refined 5th Sonata by Beethoven, composed in 1801 and called "The Spring". Last but not least, the only Sonata for violin and piano Janáček completed (his first two ones stayed unfinished). It was written in 1922, by the time Ravel was probably writing his own masterpiece. The four movements of this sonata are made up of popular songs and mysterious atmospheres, which reminds us of Katja Kabanova's best themes.

Renaud Capuçon violin
Elena Bashkirova piano

Movie director : François-René Martin
Playlists : The Great Violinists, The most beautiful programs in HD
Music genre : Recitals and chamber music

Duration : 55 min
Location : Verbier Church (Verbier, Switzerland)
Recording date : 21/07/2007
Production date : 2007
Production : © Idéale Audience