Régine Chopinot, Words on Dance

Centre chorégraphique national de La Rochelle / Poitou-Charentes

Régine Chopinot, famous French contemporary dance choreographer is director of the Centre chorégraphique national de la Rochelle/Poitou-Charentes since 1986, (also known as Ballet Atlantique since 1993). She explains all the aspects of her work, which requires thoroughness, but also originality and fantasy. She also reveals that contemporary dance must have a very specific place in today's society, as it allows us to truly discover our body and its language.

Régine Chopinot choreography

Daniel Scott Bodiford
Clara Cornil
Marie-Françoise Garcia
Virginie Garcia
Alexandre Isely
Eric May
Anne Moulin
Gunilla Nord-Andrau
Gang Peng
Claire Servant
Duke Wilburn

Europa Galante
Fabio Biondi conductor

Pascale Robin costumes
André Serre lighting

Movie director : Jean-Michel Plouchard
Collections : Words on Dance: Portraits of French Choreographers, The Contemporary Ballet Scene
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 25 min
Production date : 1998
Production : © INJAM production / Paris première

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