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A few advices...

medici is compatible with any OS that can meet browser and Flash requirements. Software requirements are:
Flash Player version 11 recommended. Download the latest version here.
Recommended browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+
In order to ensure smooth viewing of our videos, they are available in five different sizes: automatic (adapation to the internet connection of the user), low, mid, high, HD (on recent programmes). In addition to these sizes, you can choose to watch a program full screen, simply click on the bottom right button on the player once the video has started.

Can I check my internet connection speed?’s catalog is entirely online. Thus the quality of the service is dependent on the quality of your local internet service provider and the bandwidth you have allowed for the website. You can improve the reception of the film by limiting the other forms of transfer on your computer (other applications in use). Try also to avoid the use of multiplugs.
To test your internet bitrate, we suggest you visit this website. If the upload number issued is below 1, this means that your internet bitrate is not sufficient enough to watch our programs, and we suggest you contact your internet provider.