Pineapple Poll – Cranko

Sir Arthur Sullivan – Merle Park (Poll), Stanley Holden (Jasper), David Blair (Captain Belaye) – The Royal Ballet

Pineapple Poll was the first collaboration between Cranko and Charles Mackerras, then the assistant conductor of the Sadler's Wells Opera. Mackerras felt that the music of Sir Arthur Sullivan, which had just fallen out of copyright, would serve admirably as a ballet score. He had conducted countless performances of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and from close to a dozen of them neatly stitched together a delightful musical setting for Cranko's rambunctious ballet.

Pincipal characters in Pineapple Poll are Pineapple Poll, a flower-seller, Jasper, the "pot boy" at the local tavern and the dashing Captain Belaye of the H.M.S. Hot Cross Bun, which has just docked in Portsmouth. All the girls in town vie for the attention of Captain Belaye, including Pineapple Poll – much to the dismay of Jasper, who has a serious crush on her. But Belaye's eye has been caught by Blanche, a local beauty shepherded by her aunt, Mrs Dimple...

Source: Ernie Gilbert/ICA

John Cranko choreography

Sir Arthur Sullivan composer
London Symphony Orchestra
Charles Mackerras conductor

Merle Park (Poll (a flower-seller))
David Blair (Captain Belaye)
Stanley Holden (Jasper (the pot boy))
Brenda Taylor (Blanche (Captain Belaye's fiancée))
Gerd Larsen (Mrs Dimple (her aunt))

The Royal Ballet

Duration : 44 min
Recording date : 1959
Production date : 2011
Production : © BBC, uner licence to International Classical Artists Ltd

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